Northeast Wisconsin RTAC Funding Request

NEW RTAC is an organized group of healthcare entities and other concerned individuals who have an interest in organizing and improving trauma care within Northeast Wisconsin. It serves as the unifying foundation to bring together all local, county, regional, state, federal and other agencies for the planning, education, training and prevention efforts needed to assure the exemplary care required for pre, acute and post injury trauma patients. 

The primary purpose of an RTAC is to design, implement and evaluate a trauma system within a region that is data-based, confidential and sensitive to the needs, resources, and limitations of each regional area. The Northeast Wisconsin RTAC allocates limited funds to help organizations and services fulfill their goals. Our philosophy is centered on supporting requests that benefit the community as a whole. RTAC funds are not guaranteed and are on an “as available” basis. All grants pending Executive Council approval. 

2015 RTAC Funding Request Guidelines

Please email to:

Del Zuleger, NEW RTAC Coordinator at or call (920) 606-4346 with questions.