Trauma Basics 2011 Power Point

Trauma Power point

Burns power point
RSI Intubation power point by Dave Taylor

Trauma Basics is a education powerpoint created by the RTAC Coordinators based off the recommendations from the State Trauma Advisory Council and the EMS Board. Each year we touch on certain criteria the state feels need to be updated on. This year the topics are Triage, particularly Pediatric trauma evaluation along with the Triage system. Based off of Start/Jump Start Triage. And the State Triage Protocol. 
Please contact the RTAC Coordinator to set up a time and location for the FREE education. Generally it takes 2 hours. This is for ALS to first responders. This will also count as CME hours for your Wisconsin EMS licensure. 

Dave Taylor- NEW RTAC Coordinator
(920) 373-1083

Trauma Education